Follow-up visit to the LIFE CERSUDS project.

Second follow-up meeting of the LIFE CERSUDS project by the NEEMO technical team

2018 13 Mar


Project presentation at Qualicer 18, XV World Congress of tile quality and ceramic pavement

Programa Qualicer 18.pdf
2018 12 Feb


Project dissemination in ITC stand of CEVISAMA

2018 05 Feb

4th GTRLC Meeting

Follow-up meeting of the GTRLC

2017 10 Nov

Annual follow-up meeting

Annual meeting of the LIFE CERSUDS project consortium

2017 25 Oct

Presentation to architecture students

Presentation of the LIFE CERSUDS project to students of architecture

2017 29 Sep

Cersaie 2017

Cersaie (Bologna, Italy) is one of the mos important sectorial events in the world (the other one is Cevisama in Valencia, Spain) devoted to the industrial ceramics.
2017 25 Sep

Conference to promote ceramics in urban spaces

Project presentation at CTAC, in collaboration with the Association of Architects of Castellón, organised by the Castellón Provincial Council.

Programa I Jornada Promoción Cerámica.pdf
2017 22 Sep

Mota Summit Let´s talk Ceramics

Mota is a Portuguese company that supplies raw materials for the ceramic industry. Every year it organizes a summit between companies, research centres, administrations and other interest groups to discuss the world-wide progress of the ceramic industry and share the most important and current issues for the ceramic industry.
2017 21 Sep

MATERPLAT. Worksop Smart Cities

The workshop validated the technological challenges and R & D & I needs associated with the identified global objectives where MATERIALS will play a relevant role in the coming years, and what barriers we will find as the main impediments to addressing these challenges and needs .

2017 13 Jul

LIFE Platform Meeting on Climate Action in Urban Areas

The two-day event will bring together LIFE project beneficiaries, competent authorities and other stakeholders from across Europe to discuss specific actions to advance climate change adaptation and mitigation in the European and international urban context.

2017-04-07_LPMCCUA (flyer).pdf
2017 21 Jun

12th edition of the International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Innovation

International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Innovation at Bologan (Italy). R2B 2017.
2017 08 Jun

Innovation Day in Road Safety

LIFE-CERSUDS was represented by the LIFE banner, representative ceramic samples presented on an exhibitor, and a poster describing the project

2017 08 Jun

Regional Infoday LIFE 2017

Presentation of LIFE CERSUDS project within the framwork of the Regional Infoday of LIFE 2017 call

LIFE Programa 2017_completo.pdf
2017 30 May

3rd GTRLC Meeting

Follow-up meeting of the GTRLC

2017 04 May

redSuDS Conference

Annual meeting of the redSuDS platform "" Challenges and future of SuDS in Spain ""
2017 30 Mar

Visit of the delegation Ministry of the Environment of Lithuania

Project presentation to other involved actors, visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania and Estonia

2017 29 Mar

ASCER international press conference

Project presentation in the international press conference of ASCER in CEVISAMA fair.

2017 21 Feb


Project presentation in ITC stand of CEVISAMA

2017 20 Feb

2st GTR Meeting

Second meeting of the GTR (Regional Working Group) with the presentation of the transition model and its adaptation to the LIFE CERSUDS project to all members of the working group.

2017 17 Jan

XXIV FACSA Conference

Presentation of the project at the XXIV FACSA Workshop on circular economy, sanitation and water purification

XXIV Jornadas técnicas FACSA_programa.pdf
2016 16 Dec

XV GTIA-15 meeting

Presentation of the project at the XV meeting of the Working Group on Impacts and Adaptation (GTIA-15). It was organized by the Spanish Office on Climate Change and the Secretary of State for the Environment.

XV reunión GTIA-15_Programa.pdf
2016 29 Nov

monitor meeting

First meeting between partners and monitor of the LIFECERSUDS project

2016 22 Nov


European initiative to combat climate change simultaneously, which was held simultaneously in cities around the world.

2016 28 Oct

Kick off meeting

Kick off meeting of the LIFE CERSUDS project consortium

2016 13 Oct

This project is financed by the LIFE Programme 2014-2020 of the European Union for the Environment and Climate Action under the project number LIFE15 CCA/ES/000091
Este proyecto está financiado por el Programa LIFE 2014-2020 de Medio Ambiente y Acción por el Clima de la Unión Europea con referencia LIFE15 CCA/ES/000091

Con la colaboración de la Generalitat Valenciana a través del IVACE.

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